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National Adult Maltreatment 

Reporting System


The National Adult Maltreatment Reporting System (NAMRS) is a data reporting system established and operated by the Administration for Community Living (ACL) for the purpose of better understanding the phenomena of adult maltreatment in the United States. Currently, the data collected is submitted by Adult Protective Services (APS) programs.


NAMRS annually collects data on APS investigations of abuse, neglect and exploitation of older adults and adults with disabilities, as well as information on the administration of APS programs. The data provides an understanding of key program policies, characteristics of those experiencing and perpetrating maltreatment, information on the types of maltreatment investigated, and information on services to address the maltreatment.

What data is submitted to NAMRS?


NAMRS collects information on APS programs and de-identified data on adult maltreatment cases, such as:


  • Organizational information, including: number of investigators, how programs collect reports of maltreatment, and populations investigated.
  • Number of reports of alleged maltreatment received by APS programs.
  • Number of adults with a substantiated investigation of maltreatment.
  • Number of allegations by type of maltreatment (such as self-neglect, financial exploitation, and abuse).


There are various “components” to NAMRS for different kinds of data and different kinds of reporting. Follow the links below to learn more about each.

To learn more about the difference between Key Indicators and Case Component, view our Indicators vs. Case Component (PDF | 102 KB) graphic. You may also wish to view the current Code Values and Definitions (PDF | 475 KB) for explanations of NAMRS data values. 


NAMRS will begin collecting additional data soon, which is contained in the forthcoming Code Values and Definitions (PDF | 572 KB).


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Did you know?


  • NAMRS has a 100% participation rate from all 56 states, territories, and District of Columbia.
  • For federal fiscal year 2021, NAMRS collected information on 1,349,154 referrals of alleged maltreatment to APS and 786,600 investigations.
  • For federal fiscal year 2021, NAMRS collected information on over 8,000 full-time APS hotline or investigator professionals and 1,882 APS supervisors.
  • NAMRS collects more than 50 data points on adult maltreatment cases to report on.
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Latest Adult Maltreatment Report


This report (PDF | 7.4 MB) is the sixth annual release based on 2021 data from the National Adult Maltreatment Reporting System (NAMRS), which is a voluntary data reporting system collecting data from state Adult Protective Services (APS) systems. All states, territories, and District of Columbia contributed data to this report. The 2021 report features a special chapter on the potential impact of COVID-19.

Last Modified: 03/21/2024