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State Participation in NAMRS


Every state, territory, and the District of Columbia APS program voluntarily submits data to NAMRS. All programs provide Agency Component information on administration and key policies and practices of their program. 
In addition to agency information, most programs, depending on their data system and reporting capability, also submit either Key Indicators or Case Component data on investigations.  Case Component data is (de-identified) case level data on client characteristics, services, and perpetrator characteristics. Key Indicators Component data is aggregated data on key statistics of investigations and victims. 
The NAMRS Definitions of Code Values provides a description of the terms used for the NAMRS system.

Accessing the NAMRS System

If you are a state APS program staff person who does not currently have NAMRS system access and needs access, please contact us to request an account. Note that NAMRS user accounts must be approved by the primary contact in each state (typically the state APS administrator). Once your account is established, you’ll receive an email from your state NAMRS liaison.

Once your account is established, we recommend you review the NAMRS “Resources” tab for reference documents and pre-recorded webinars on submission and navigating the system.

Contact us if you have questions about state participation in NAMRS.

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